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Association LHCP

LHCP - the combined group formed by companies Lamonarca Design, Hashtag Design Italia, Cobar S.P.A. and Piacenti S.P.A. carries out the restoration and conservation of monumental heritage (including UNESCO) in 52 countries of the world and brings architectural design to this vast activity.

The founding of the group dates back to 1875 and since then has developed a complex structure, that combines the technical heritage of craft traditions with the most modern scientific research. LHCP pays special attention to the principles of modern restoration theory and quality and safety standards, and in addition to restoration, it develops international modern projects.

The LHCP association works directly with the governments of Russia, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, the European Union, the United States, China, India and a number of Arab, African and South American countries.

LHCP has also established direct cooperation with the most prestigious and important international universities and research centers for the design, archeology, diagnostics, art history, culture, history, as well as with research institutions such as the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, the Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration of Rome (ICR), National Research Council of Florence (CNR), the Polytechnic of Milan, to name the most important.

The professionalism of the technical and production figures (engineers, architects, art historians, surveyors, chemical experts, experts) are gathered in homogeneous teams of highly specialized workers in specific sectors of the highest historical and technical profile, at the first places in the world, with an absolute guarantee of times and costs.

We have worked to restore the historical heritage in the world for many generations, we have deep roots in the past but we want to build, through our work, a better future for our descendants, like a large tree that will bear many fruits.

Major restoration projects of historic buildings
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