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Year: 2022

Location: Grozny, Russia

Project: Cultural

Type: Architecture & interior design

The design concept of the Mosque is driven by a primary element: the human experience within it. As a person is guided along the spiritual path towards God, the height of the building gradually increases as the believer gets closer to the qibla wall, representing the sacred concept of belief. The building culminates at the minaret, which is designed as the word “Allah” in Arabic. The design aims to create a complete atmosphere based on the pursuit of faith, from the surroundings to the interior of the mosque and the decorative patterns on the walls. It also blends habits and traditions with practicality, while encouraging social interaction in the interiors and the surrounding areas of the mosque.

The shape of the building creates a public courtyard, a place to connect with nature, to transition from daily life before entering the mosque. The mosque has separate prayer rooms and entrances for men and women. The entrance hall and the prayer room are double-heighted, the latter increasing as you get closer to the prayer wall, aiming to create the feeling of being closer to the God. The entrance hall is large enough to accommodate local expositions to educate people on the subject of faith. There are prayer rooms on both floors so that more people can be accommodated. The classrooms on the first floor are also accessible through the green roof, connecting them to the outdoor public space. The car parking has a direct connection to the courtyard and the entrance.

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