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Year: 2020-2021

Location: Qingdao, China

Project: Cultural

Type: Interior design

The Haier Cultural Museum concept includes the realization of a large interactive ribbon that indicates the path to follow throughout the exhibition spaces. It is a digitally interactive ribbon that develops on the floor to lead the way. It becomes a wall to illustrate images, documents and interact with people and also transforms into the ceiling, seating and interactive tables. The ribbon goes through all areas that represent different strategic stages of the Haier group. It continues in the central part and then into the library and gadget shop, which will be the final part and therefore will lead the people towards the exit. In each space, artistic installations according to the topics of each strategy stage are designed through which the ribbon will cross. In this way visitors will become an active protagonist of the cultural museum. And the artistic installations will contribute and amplify the experience of the company concepts and culture together in an extraordinary way.

interactive wall 02.12.2021
Screenshot 2022-10-24 123715
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