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Year: 2022

Location: Qingdao, China

Project: Residential

Type: Interior design

Modular design is the core of the concept, offering personalization based on the needs of clients. It is flexible and allows different combinations, inconsequential of dimensions. Modularity is also beneficial and pushes sustainability forward by emphasizing reusability.

Home intelligence is the trend of modern development and is also the strategic development direction that EOROOM focuses on. In our design, we also use technology to improve the living environment in the following aspects.

Interactivity: The focus is on interaction between people and the home environment, so that the home environment can sense the residents’ feelings and changes with the residents’ arrival. This helps our users to create a closer emotional connection between them and their home.
Personalization: Every person has different requirements for a smart home environment, and Whole Home Intelligence should offer the possibility to personalize it according to the usage habits of each user.
Practicality: The fundamental purpose of integrating intelligence into our lives is to provide convenience and meet the needs of users in their daily lives, thus improving the quality of life and providing greater security.

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