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Exhibition of the works by sculptor Marcello Pietrantoni

October 2022

Milan, Italy

Lamonarca Design studio is hosting the works of Marcello Pietrantoni, known for his bronze sculptures started in 1986. Antonio Lamonarca's long lasting relationship with the sculptor brought to surface the idea of collaborating to showcase his life works. 

Marcello Pietrantoni, an artist who, even before being a sculptor and painter, made himself known above all as an architect. Sculpture is a passion cultivated for forty years and lived secretly in the time stolen from sleep, in a feverish wakefulness capable, even better than sleep, of giving shape to dreams disguised as nightmares. In the bronzes Pietrantoni forges figures of unknown and remote provenance, grafts between human and animal races, beings with irremediable anomalies whose proportion resides, by apparent paradox, precisely in the subtle balance of disproportion. The body is in Pietrantoni the theater of psychic dynamics that tear it apart, imprison it and modify it from a genetic point of view. The conflicting energies that cross it bring this body to the limit of consumption, to the borders of decay in a "backward journey", says the author, "in view of an expansion of the layers of consciousness".

His works can be viewed here in detail:

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